Raphael is a mixed martial artist originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He's previously competed in the Middleweight division in Shooto Brazil and Iron Fight Combat. Raphael was Kickboxing champion for the Carioca Championships, Brazil Cup, and South American. He's been a professional MMA athlete since 2010, and has two wins by knockout in his poster. He has won fights in the Carioca, Brazilian, Pan American Championship, and Iron Fight. Raphael is a black belt in Kickboxing under Fabio Leão & a black belt in Muay Thai under Pedro Rizzo. He has a brown belt in Hawaiian Kempo under Glover Texeira. Raphael is also an athlete of GTT under Glover Texeira & Rizzo RVLTB under Pedro Rizzo & Larete Barcello who were state champions, champions of Brazil, & Pan American champion of Kickboxing. Raphael has competed in the events Shooto Brazil & Face to Face Iron Fight.  

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